Recognised by NCTE Affiliated to University of Calcutta :: Managed by Numer Ein Society for Education and Research, Kolkata

(a) To provide prospective teachers, the knowledge and understanding of pedagogy and skills, essential for quality education.

(b)To help the teacher in understanding the nature of child, their abilities, aptitudes, emotions, instincts, ambitions etc.

(c)To assist the teacher in understanding principles, techniques, process of teaching and learning.

(d)To help the teacher in organizing, supervising and participating in co-curricular activities of the schools.

(e)To provide teachers the knowledge of various teaching aids, print media and electronic media, which are essential to facilitate the teaching learning process.

(f)To provide teachers the understanding of historical background of Indian education vis-a-vis education system of other countries.

(g)To provide teachers who will engage in appraisal of pupil characteristics, adjustment of behavior, evaluation of individual performance, etc and may even undertake some individual counselling.

Jagadish Chandra Basu Sikshak Sikshan Mahavidyalaya

         Recognized by NCTE
         Affiliated to The University of Calcutta