Recognised by NCTE Affiliated to University of Calcutta :: Managed by Numer Ein Society for Education and Research, Kolkata

The Numer Ein Society was formed with a vision to promote education and research activities amongst the youth to keep pace with the etymology of the term 'Numer Ein', which means number one. The society desires to motivate the students under its umbrella to be enthusiastic towards self-employment. Since we believe that education must not be confined to classroom lectures and syllabus oriented knowledge, the society will continuously strive to inculcate the students with more and more practical and professional approach towards life and educate them to be job creators rather than job seekers. Jagadish Chandra Basu Sikshak Sikshan Mahavidyalaya has a dedicated team of faculty members who impress upon the students, practical insights along with conceptual basics.

Education is a life long process. It starts from conception and lasts till the last breath of life. The modern philosophy of education stresses more on the child's learning through experience than on anything else. Present day education is paedo-centric and based on interest, aptitude and attitude of children, which demand a better understanding of child psychology apart from the philosophical and sociological basis of education. Further, teaching has been recognized as pedagogical science. All these demand a gestalt approach of teaching vis-a-vis quality teacher education programme.

A cursory look at the present NCTE norms also reflect all the above together with an emphasis on the need for developing a qualitative teacher training programme. The inculcation of values and development of faculty are important for school going children which is possible only when teachers are trained accordingly. Hence, the establishment of Jagadish Chandra Basu Sikshak Sikshan Mahavidyalaya is imperative.