Recognised by NCTE Affiliated to University of Calcutta :: Managed by Numer Ein Society for Education and Research, Kolkata

Name of the course
Approved Intake
Bachelor of Physical Education
(B. P. Ed)
One Year


The course of instruction is arrange under three heads as follows:

A.  Theoretical
B.  Activity Skill
C.  Teaching Ability

600 Marks
600 Marks
200 Marks

Total : 1400 Marks

A. Theoretical :   600 Marks
Paper I : Principal History of Physical Education 100 Marks
Paper II : Psychology of Physical Education 50 Marks
Paper III : Management of Physical Education and Teaching Methods 100 Marks
Paper IV
: Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education 50 Marks
Paper V : Anatomy Physiology and Exercise Physiology 100 Marks
Paper VI : Health Education and First Aid 50 Marks
Paper VII : Officiating and Coaching in games and sports 100 Marks
Paper VIII : Compulsory Elective Subjects 50 Marks

B. Activity Skill :   600 Marks
  (a) External Assessment 490 Marks
  (b) Internal Assessment 110 Marks
C. Teaching Ability :   200 Marks
  (a) Internal Assessment 120 Marks
  (b) External Assessment 80 Marks