Recognised by NCTE Affiliated to University of Calcutta :: Managed by Numer Ein Society for Education and Research, Kolkata

Name of the course
Approved Intake
Bachelor of Education
(B. Ed)
One Year


B. Ed. course of study

Theory Papers

Total 1000 marks

600 marks

The course comprises of three compulsory papers,
each divided into two halves of 50 marks

Paper I Foundation and Development of Education in independent India.
Paper II
Paper III
Psychology of Learning and Instruction
Educational Management
Paper IV & V
Pedagogical study of two school subjects. (Each paper of 100 marks consisting of two Groups)
Group - A   Pedagogical Analysis
Group - B   Methodology of teaching
Paper VI
Practical Papers

Compulsory Elective Paper 100 marks
400 marks
Paper VII Demonstration of Laboratory Practical and / or simulated Lesson(Each candidate will be examined jointly by one external and one internal examiner)
Alternative I : Two Lab based Papers for papers IV and V (To demonstrate two experiments, one each from two subjects)
Alternative II : One Lab based paper either for paper IV or paper V and one non Lab based paper (To demonstrate one experiment and one simulated lesson)
Alternative III : Two Non Lab based papers (Two simulated lessons, one each for the two papers)
Paper VIII Teaching Practical
Each candidate shall execute two lessons, one each in the two method papers (To be examined jointly by External and Internal Examiners)
Paper IX Sessional Activities related to Pedagogical study (To be examined by External Examiner)
Paper X Sessional Activities related to Teaching and Community outreach activities